Thursday, 9 May 2013

It's all about US

Dangggg!!! its been awhile since my last blog update! well everybody is busy with this and that lebih2 lagi yang PRU 13. PRU 13 makes me high blood for serious. Okay, semalam my 24th birthday dan sepanjang kehidupan ni banyak benda yang aku dah tengok dan lihat. Macam-macam ragam manusia. The point is the older you are,the more you get the experience. Last month, i met this one guy. Ya, i know him from his brother actually. I dont mean to ngorat him haha.. seriouly his face was tooooo familiar to me. I told his brother that he's look like one of my ex schoolmate. Then a few hours later he add me in facebook la.. #kemonnnlahh siapa x pernah kena situasi ni??? haha

 So the story begin. He is too straight a head u know.. terus terang terlalu cepat. Then i dont know when, why we are getting closer. Maybe we share the same interest i guess yang jadi "BOOSTER" untuk kami lebih "click"...  we share lot of random story...we talk bout nonsense things, we cursing sometimes.. haha.. thats the bad things! We come from the different mainstream. # He LAUGH his ASS when i said that im a big fans of ADAM LEVINE# pffttt.. But that is not a big deal, what makes me proud of him is his determination. To be honest he is AWESOME in his own way.. there is certain things that make me really touched on my 24th birthday is he makes me realize im no longer a little girl.. im already 24 years old. # its not too old actually haha#

So, today update is just to say a big thank you to you...for becoming my friend,good friend of mine,my partner in crime, and someone. You make me learn so many things, the short time we took to know each other brings us this closed. May our "undescribeable" relationship remains. Stand still with other, fight for each other, and holding each other hands to face all the obstacle. :')  *ade ke ayat mcm ni* hahaha

P/S: u know who you are. if u read this.
The witch lady.. :)